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Troubling Trend: Social Media Influencers Promoting Cosmetic Procedures

NBC News reached out to our Austin MedSpa SHE-EO, Kristin Gunn to get her expert opinion on the beauty industry, social media, influencers and teen’s obsessions to follow them. Watch the video or read the article.

The 10 Best Products for Under-Eye Wrinkles

“This is one of my all time faves. It helps with puffiness by decreasing fluid buildup, and helps build up the skin layer, reducing pigment. A lot of times the dark circles you see are blood vessels under the skin.” — Kristin Gunn, aesthetic injector, Beaux Medspa

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Beauty Experts Say These 30 Surprising Mistakes Are Costing You Money & Making You Look Bad

“Please stop using harsh scrubs with microbeads and apricot shells to wash your face,” implores celebrity esthetician Kristin Gunn. “Not only are the small beads terrible for the environment, but you are also causing micro-tears in your skin,”

Experts say you could look so much better if you tried any of these 40 clever tricks

“Owner of Beaux Medspa Kristin Gunn can personally vouch for this nourishing lip mask: “ I tried this out on a ski trip,” she says, “and this mask did not disappoint!” Gunn calls the potent combo of green tea extract, coconut oil, and vitamin E “perfect for dry air climates,” noting that the formula is all-natural as well as gluten- and cruelty-free.”

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Why Skin Pros Say to Swap Your Everyday Cleanser for Micellar Water + How It Removes Makeup in Just a Few Swipes

“Its gentle formulation helps balance skin’s pH and preserves skin’s barrier, says medical aesthetician Kristin Gunn of Beaux MedSpa.”

How To Treat Fine Lines, Crow’s Feet And Wrinkles Around The Eyes For A More Youthful Appearance Over 50

“Read on for tips, suggestions and insight from Dr. David Kim, MD, board-certified dermatologist at IDRISS Dermatology in New York City and Kristin Gunn, medical aesthetician, skincare expert and owner of Beaux Medspa”

The Future of Beauty: Kristin Gunn of Beaux Medspa On How Their Technological Innovation Will Shake Up The Beauty Industry

“Kristin’s entrepreneurial flair expanded with the launch of her exclusive skincare line, Halcyon Skincare, further cementing her reputation as a foremost authority in skin health.”

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I Tried Cryofacial and It Made My Skin Glow Like Never Before

“Skin conditions and sensitivities also play a role,” notes Gunn. “For instance, individuals with sensitive skin might fare better with gentle heat-based facials rather than the abrupt cold exposure of cryotherapy.” —Kristin Gunn

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Yes, Even Oily Skin Needs Hydration.

“The gel-based formula swipes on with a refreshing, cooling tingle. Plus, it has ceramides and glycerin to condition the skin. It’s my absolute favorite.”—Kristin Gunn

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HuffPost reached out to Kristin Gunn for skin tips to treat razor burn.

“Gunn called the combination of corticosteroids and benzoyl peroxide a “superhero” team when it comes to treating post-shaving irritation.”

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Kristin Gunn weighs in the latest article from Well + Good about face washes for dry skin.

“Recommended by Austin-based medical aesthetician Kristin Gunn, CLT, LMA, who notes its gentle formula free from parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates, mineral oils, and more. ”

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Simple Beauty Products That Work.

“This isn’t your run-of-the-mill toner; it’s the dynamic duo your face has been waiting for. Cucumber and witch hazel are like a power couple battling blemishes and telling pores to behave.” – Kristin Gunn 

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Community Highlights: Meet Kristin Gunn of Beaux Medspa

“All of us specialize in natural-looking injections and enhancing your beauty without making you look overdone. We also make recommendations based on the condition of your skin and any concerns you may have.” – Kristin Gunn 

Let Them Have Botox wall at Beaux MedSpa