Juvederm Volbella in AustinJUVEDERM Volbella XC is an aesthetic injectable dermal filler that can soften, shape, and define your lips. or fill smokers’ lines with subtlety. As a member of the distinguished JUVÉDERM family of fillers, Volbella is supported by much success in the areas of smoothing lip lines, correcting asymmetry, and enhancing lips for that perfect pucker.

Volbella is a hyaluronic acid (HA) based filler that has the consistency of a smooth gel, and an unparalleled softness amongst fillers. HA is a naturally occurring in the body, and most importantly in the skin. Volbella utilizes a modified form of HA via Vycross®  technology (which makes the material smooth versus granular, easily spreadable, and better for use in areas with thinner skin). HA works by absorbing water (making the skin softer and suppler), delivering nutrients to the skin, and volumizing treated areas.


Volbella works by relying on the main ingredient, the HA, to smooth and enhance injected areas. While HA acts like a sponge, taking in moisture to expand and physically fill out fine lines and wrinkles, Volbella absorbs water less readily than its counterparts and therefore produces softer results. Volbella is the thinnest and softest of all the JUVÉDERM fillers, and therefore very valuable for particular purposes. Filler is administered via fine need injections to areas of interest, and is able to produce very natural and subtle results that mimic natural facial fullness


Volbella, as a thin and soft filler, is designed to smooth perioral lines (known as smokers lines or lipstick lines), the fine lines around the lips, and to softly augment the lips. Volbella is further able to correct lip asymmetry, subtly plump the lips, diminish marionette lines (those lines around the corners of the lips), and slightly contour the lips. Volbella can also be used to treat the tear-trough area under the eyes because it is soft and does not absorb water as readily as its counterparts. This filler is excellent for treating delicate areas than need an aesthetic boost.


Clients can watch the HA gel work its magic during the treatment, witnessing plumping and smoothing with a mirror provided by our practitioner. Improvement is visible immediately following treatment, however the full result will not be visible until about 4 weeks following treatment. This is because swelling inflates results right after treatment, and it takes time for the HA to absorb moisture and for new collagen to form. It will take about a month for swelling to go down, the material to fully settle, and collagen production to be to successful; only then will the final result be present and touchups can be pursued.


A majority of subjects enjoyed results for up to 1 year in the clinical trials (this longevity is due to patented Vycross® technology). However, results will vary for clients depending on multiple unique factors including their metabolism (how fast their body naturally breaks down the material), their aesthetic goals, and more. Most people experience the benefits of Volbella for about 1 year to 18 months, after which they are welcome to get additional injections for maintenance, cumulative benefits, and prolonged benefits. Due to the long-term benefits of collagen production, future treatments can be less frequent and may require less filler to achieve the same result.


How much filler will I need?

Recommended amounts of filler vary depending on client personal aesthetic goals, volume loss, skin thickness, and more unique defining factors. Clients with more volume and collagen loss will need more filler to attain desirable results. Clients with thicker skin might be recommended more filler, or a different type of filler that will provide their skin with more support and lift. Certain clients want a natural look, therefore they might be recommended less filler, whereas clients that want dramatic changes will be recommended more filler. There is a delicate balance between type of filler, amount of filler, and clients needs that will need to be addressed by our professional and knowledgeable staff here at Beaux before proceeding with your injectable treatment.

Will I look overdone?

Due to the fact that Juvederm’s main ingredient, HA, is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies, the results of using this material for cosmetic purposes is actually quite natural. The HA will simply provide support in place of lost volume, collagen, and fat, which allows for a youthful and natural result. Further, the soft nature of the gel filler is made to mimic the suppleness of youthful skin (which is why particular fillers with particular thicknesses will be recommended for different areas of concern). People can of course achieve a more dramatic look by request, but a natural look is absolutely within reach.

Do Juvederm Volbella treatments hurt?

The second main ingredient present in Volbella is 0.3% of the anesthetic lidocaine, which serves to make the injection experience smoother and more comfortable. Of course, perception of pain is a unique experience for everyone, but most clients will only feel a mild discomfort due to the combined numbing of the topical and injectable anesthetic that accompanies the procedure. Areas with thinner skin, such as around the mouth, will be slightly more sensitive as well. Further, the cooling effect from the ice that will be applied to the area following injections helps reduce any pain at injections sites.

Can this filler be dissolved?

Not to fear, there is absolutely a method for dissolving HA filler via injection of the enzyme hyaluronidase. This enzyme is another naturally-occurring substance found in the body (therefore it is safe and effective) that is able to degrade hyaluronic acid (HA) by catalyzing the bodys ability to absorb the material. This option is available per client desire, such as for clients that might be unhappy with their injectable filler injection, and per client need, such as clients that have an adverse reaction to the filler or those that have filler injected in a blood vessel. If HA filler is inadvertently injected in a blood vessel, it can cause negative side effects such as skin ulceration, breakdown, and necrosis, but thankfully hyaluronidase can reverse these effects. It is recommended to get this antidote by the provider that did the injection.

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